Imminent Departure

  "You don't have very long left here." The four of us were hanging out on a Friday night, leaning against the hatch of his borrowed sedan under the orange monochrome of the streetlights, passing around shots of cachaça cane liquor. The soundsystem's bass pulsed so strong we could "feel it in our souls", clashing…Read more Imminent Departure


"Novedades?"—What news?  A common greeting in Mozambique, and one to which I rarely have a good answer. I hesitate to share news of my own life, if only because on a day to day basis nothing really happens. It's only looking back over weeks or months that I notice how much has changed.  I've been…Read more News

Estamos Juntos

Juntos. "Together", in Portuguese. Estamos. "We are", from the same. In Mozambican Portuguese, "Estamos juntos" - we are together - is a catchall phrase that crops up everywhere. As an expression of solidarity: "Estamos juntos." To check understanding: "Estamos juntos?" To validate a partnership: "Estamos juntos."   When you imagine a Peace Corps volunteer, the…Read more Estamos Juntos

A Taste of Things to Come

Integration. The process of becoming a part of a new community through introductions, interactions, and involvement in new things. A buzzword in the Peace Corps, usually said with a capital I.These last three weeks I have spent in my home-to-be for the next two years, taking the first baby steps in this process of integration. I've been…Read more A Taste of Things to Come

Independence Day

Yesterday, June 25, was Mozambique's Independence Day, marking the 41st anniversary of Mozambique's liberation after nearly 500 years of Portuguese colonial rule. Many of us Peace Corps trainees marked the day by attending the town's ceremony. Gathered in the Praça dos Heróis, the Heroes' Plaza, we listened as local officials gave speeches and watched as…Read more Independence Day