Formication, n. The sensation of insects crawling on or under one's skin. c. 1700, from Latin formica (ant). Altogether not a pleasant sensation. I think insects are pretty cool. I am fascinated by the variety of forms life takes (it's the reason I studied biology) and few, if any, terrestrial life forms are as varied…Read more Formication

Books, baboons, and animal behavior

My preparations for a trip typically go something like this: I read books and books and more books. History, fiction, memoir, science, if it's about the area I'm traveling, or anywhere remotely in the vicinity, I'll read it. This, of course, takes up most of my preparation time, but everything will be fine when I…Read more Books, baboons, and animal behavior

The “Yes Man” philosophy and other things

I have no pictures today, only a lot of words. And a link to a map. Perhaps you have heard of the "Yes Man" philosophy, a practice of unhesitatingly saying "yes" to whatever comes your way. The term, named from the book and movie adaptation Yes Man, was not one I had heard until recently,…Read more The “Yes Man” philosophy and other things