Not What I Expected…

If you had asked me what I expected before I flew into Cape Town, I would truthfully have said “I don’t know.” But arriving in blouse and hiking boots still imbued with the red dust of the Zambian bush, I was definitely not prepared for the cosmopolitan city that met me, closer in many ways to New York than to Livingstone.

Initially, I only intended to stay in Cape Town for a few days, get my feet under me, see a few sites, and move on; I’m usually not much of one for cities. But I ended up staying for over a week, and I want to go back. I was playing tourist, something I have mixed feelings about, but ended up falling for the city.

I played a leisurely tourist, even using the red double-decker City Tours buses. (In my defense, they are a bargain price, very convenient transport – hop on, hop off all around the city – and even the locals recommended them as a good way to see the city.)




2 thoughts on “Not What I Expected…

  1. Robin, what an awesome life experience you are having. thanks for sharing so eloquently. I was invited to dinner at Howard”s and the family Sunday. God blessed this earth when He put the Griffins on it. You are a marvelous group of people!

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