Where I’ve Been Lately

Dear Readers,
I have been terrible about writing. Hostels, for all their benefits, are not the most ideal places to find the quiet I need to focus. Also, I’m lazy.

For the last three weeks I’ve been hostel-jumping up the coast from Cape Town to Durban, then inland to my current location of Pietermaritzburg, Kwa-Zulu Natal. To date I’ve visited Cape Town, Plettenberg Bay, Port Elizabeth, the Wild Coast, and Durban. The first I fell in love with, the second was a gamble, the third a mistake, the fourth reminded me of home, and the fifth overwhelming.


Yes, I made this on Google Maps, because making a nice looking map takes more time than I feel like devoting today.

I’ve already talked about Cape Town; neither Plettenberg Bay nor Port Elizabeth are worth my time to write about or your time to read; I fled Durban for Pietermaritzburg at the first chance; and the Wild Coast will make it up here eventually, when I manage to upload pictures, get my computer working, connect to the internet for any length of time, and, most important, gather my scattered thoughts. I’ve seen a lot of gorgeous country, though I want to see more. I’ve had a lot of adventures, a few less than stellar experiences, and an above average number of rainy days that make me homesick for Portland.

For now I’m staying with friends in Pietermaritzburg for a few days. (How I have friends in PMB is a story in and of itself.) Monday, I’m heading up to the Northern Drakensberg Mountains, where I have a work-exchange (think WWOOF, but not exclusive to organic farms) arranged for the next month at Ardmore Guest Lodge.

That’s all for now. Not my most articulate post, but some days are like that.

Later, space cowboys.

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