Integration. The process of becoming a part of a new community through introductions, interactions, and involvement in new things. A buzzword in the Peace Corps, usually said with a capital I.
These last three weeks I have spent in my home-to-be for the next two years, taking the first baby steps in this process of integration. I’ve been introduced to many people, most of whose names I’ve forgotten (gets me into trouble sometimes…). I have a new family of sorts in my city, who have welcomed me into their home and lives for the duration of this second phase of training, and who I look forward to seeing when I return in August. I’ve found my way around a new city without getting lost too many times. Most important, I have some idea of the shape of the upcoming months.

After a brief interlude of travel through the district capital of Quelimane and the national capital, Maputo, we are returned to our original host families for the duration of training. We swear in on August fifth.

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