Olá! Bem vinda! Moseliwa!

I’m Robin Alexis, currently thrilled to be serving as a Peace Corps health program volunteer in Mozambique. I hail from the Pacific Northwest (a bit) and Montana (a lot), but I have fled familiar territory to the grounds of southern Africa.

In a land that continually inspires me, who is too often uninspired; among cultures that surprise me, who shies from surprises; and with people who force me to reconsider how I interact with the world, I feel compelled to write.  I’m always looking to improve and would love to hear thoughts, critiques, or suggestions. or just to hear from you. Contact me.

All content and images on this site are property of Robin Byron, unless explicitly stated otherwise. All other content used with permission. Please use only with permission.





The small print: This blog is not affiliated with the United States Peace Corps Program, the Mozambique government, nor does it reflect any but my own Peace Corps experience.

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