"Novedades?"—What news?  A common greeting in Mozambique, and one to which I rarely have a good answer. I hesitate to share news of my own life, if only because on a day to day basis nothing really happens. It's only looking back over weeks or months that I notice how much has changed.  I've been…Read more News

Proofs of a Small World

The world is sometimes a very small place.When I first arrived in the Drakensberg (already more than three weeks ago; the time does fly!), I could not believe my eyes. The landscape of rolling hills, dry grasses accented with the lushness of Spring and agriculture, the fences along the road to keep out the cattle……Read more Proofs of a Small World

The “Yes Man” philosophy and other things

I have no pictures today, only a lot of words. And a link to a map. Perhaps you have heard of the "Yes Man" philosophy, a practice of unhesitatingly saying "yes" to whatever comes your way. The term, named from the book and movie adaptation Yes Man, was not one I had heard until recently,…Read more The “Yes Man” philosophy and other things

Things Fall Apart

Yeats' "The Second Coming" has been much on my mind of late. Partly this comes from reading Things Fall Apart and its later companion No Longer at Ease by Nigerian author Chinua Achebe, the former of which draws its name from the Yeats. The books taken together bridge the colonial era in Nigeria and by…Read more Things Fall Apart