Not What I Expected…

If you had asked me what I expected before I flew into Cape Town, I would truthfully have said "I don't know." But arriving in blouse and hiking boots still imbued with the red dust of the Zambian bush, I was definitely not prepared for the cosmopolitan city that met me, closer in many ways…Read more Not What I Expected…

Goat Head Soup

It's been a while since I picked up pen and paper to write. (Yes, I draft almost everything with pen and paper. I'm perhaps just the tiniest bit old-fashioned.) I am spurred to do so by a couple of concerned e-mails from my mother asking if I’m alive. (I may or may not have forgotten…Read more Goat Head Soup

Things Fall Apart

Yeats' "The Second Coming" has been much on my mind of late. Partly this comes from reading Things Fall Apart and its later companion No Longer at Ease by Nigerian author Chinua Achebe, the former of which draws its name from the Yeats. The books taken together bridge the colonial era in Nigeria and by…Read more Things Fall Apart

Thursday, July 16: Firsts

There were riots yesterday. We left before 0900 for Munyaya, the village where the school is located. Heading west on Mosi-Oa-Tunya Road, Livingstone's main street, the first sign of trouble was traffic coming toward us in the wrong lane, treating the four-lane highway as a two-lane road. The reason: taxis blocking the two lanes opposite.…Read more Thursday, July 16: Firsts