"Novedades?"—What news?  A common greeting in Mozambique, and one to which I rarely have a good answer. I hesitate to share news of my own life, if only because on a day to day basis nothing really happens. It's only looking back over weeks or months that I notice how much has changed.  I've been…Read more News

Estamos Juntos

Juntos. "Together", in Portuguese. Estamos. "We are", from the same. In Mozambican Portuguese, "Estamos juntos" - we are together - is a catchall phrase that crops up everywhere. As an expression of solidarity: "Estamos juntos." To check understanding: "Estamos juntos?" To validate a partnership: "Estamos juntos."   When you imagine a Peace Corps volunteer, the…Read more Estamos Juntos

A Taste of Things to Come

Integration. The process of becoming a part of a new community through introductions, interactions, and involvement in new things. A buzzword in the Peace Corps, usually said with a capital I.These last three weeks I have spent in my home-to-be for the next two years, taking the first baby steps in this process of integration. I've been…Read more A Taste of Things to Come