*** I try not to get angry or political online. This is an exception to both. *** I heard on the news this morning of yet another school shooting in the U.S., uncomfortably close to home. Reactions: horror at the news and a moment of terror when I heard it was an Oregon college, immediately…Read more Shots


Formication, n. The sensation of insects crawling on or under one's skin. c. 1700, from Latin formica (ant). Altogether not a pleasant sensation. I think insects are pretty cool. I am fascinated by the variety of forms life takes (it's the reason I studied biology) and few, if any, terrestrial life forms are as varied…Read more Formication


To make up for my last excessively negative post, something more fun (with pictures!) Maize is the staple starch here, eaten for nearly every meal by most people even in urban areas. The staple comes in the form of 50 pound bags of ground corn, either coarse ground "mealie-meal" or fine "breakfast meal". The mealie-meal…Read more Nshima